“Allow learning, open up, be receptive. Lighten up and have fun.”

– Debbie


Enjoy learning about our horses as I have come to know them. During an EGC session I will partner with one of the herd and together we will assist you on your journey.

Debbie realized after guiding many a traveler into the Beartooth High Country that her “people” seemed “changed” after a day or several hours in the saddle– not just physically sore, as one would expect, but more at one with themselves as if they had “shaken off” the “load” they were carrying and now saw the world with new eyes. Debbie believed that the horses played a big part in this new “vision” for people.

This ignited a new passion in Debbie’s heart to bring the healing power of the horse not only to those who came to ride the mountains, but to anyone in need.

This passion lead to a 2 year certification program in equine gestalt coaching. The Dream Dance herd is proud to work with and co-create the environment for healing with Debbie. Together as guides, we can embrace those seekers and travelers who have come to us.


Lawerence is truly angelic. His kind and peaceful manner will support you as you reflect on your personal goals keeping you-true to yourself.


Who doesn’t love BT. This big bay once pounded the wilderness carrying many a pack high into the mountains. In his retiring years he offers himself as the perfect listener willing to just BE as you unravel your life’s journey.


The true dreamer, our one mare in a herd of geldings (all boys). She exudes a magical, mystical quality that cannot be denied – allow Dancer to take you on a journey to your soul – find your personal values, examine your limiting beliefs, find what rings true for you, leave awakened to new goals and directions, feel the freedom within!

Wild Thing

Prepare for a wild ride with this mustang. Wild Thing knows your deep desires and will not tolerate anything but truth. Tell him where you are stuck, share your grief, let out your anger, release your tears. Wake up to the new you! Not for the faint hearted!


His looks can be slightly deceiving. This big bay mustang loves attention and has the exterior of a mammoth beast. Fox can carry the biggest to the smallest person up to the mountain top. His specialty is slow and steady. Fox will be patient with you as you journey to discover who you are, what your dreams are and all the possibilities that lie before you. He can also carry the heaviest loads. No problem is too big or too small for Fox, he has the perseverance to stay with you.


This 25 year old is a sweetheart. He has traveled the world as a trail horse and has seen it all. He is now a wise, gentle and loving teacher. He welcomes all who are willing to SEEK.


Yes, that’s right, he packs twice the punch. He is quiet, strong and unfazed by anything that comes his way. A very grounded solid soul. 2X will help you gather your frazzled pieces, ground you into the earth, and help you walk away knowing your true path – hands down!


This beautiful black and white paint doesn’t need a lot of attention. He answers to those who speak his language – those who are focused, serious and ready to uncover the mysteries of who they really are. He knows the trail can be rocky but with his steadfast ways you will be lead to your truth.


Let’s just say Dennis takes care of those who march to their own drum. No matter who you are or what you do- Dennis knows what you need. He won’t let you down, he doesn’t know how. He is a natural.


A playful ,outgoing youngster who loves fun. Are you down in the dumps? low on energy? confused about life? Cody can snap you out of it and show you what fun life is. It could get interesting.


Beautiful Beau – sometimes afraid of his own shadow yet has become the lead guide horse. He has learned the ropes by stretching himself. Oh my, is that a big log, a big rock, a moose – Oh no! Maybe a cow – He persisted and now knows his path.

What are your fears? Do they have control over you? Do you live your life in fear? Would you like to work thru them? Let Beau help – he has been there and knows what courage it takes to confront them. He will tell you, it is life changing.


Madison is a strong, confident horse; a true leader. He is no nonsense. He will raise the BS flag before you can finish your sentence. Come prepared to work, leave transformed and wondering what just happened?


He is our gentle giant, medium sized with a big heart, he packs, hauls to the plateau, loves kids and most of all – has no fear. He would be willing to assist you in clearing out the past – moving gently toward the future – one step at a time as he has done for 21 years now. Can’t say no to Leland.


We call him LJ Cool because he is. He is our thoroughbred looker, likes to jump into trailer, over creeks, logs, mud and when you ride him you are styling. He has a flair for beauty and sees it in all. LJ can sense where your energy is out of balance. He prides himself in realigning you with your true self. Speak to him in the round pen, he will assist you in creating a new plan for you. Who knows, you may start jumping into the new you.

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